Dune The Graphic Novel Book 2: Muad’dib (Dune: The Graphic Novel #2)

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Paul Atreides and his mother are stranded in the desert of Arrakis. Destroyed by their greatest enemy they must find the mysterious Fremen, or perish.

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In DUNE: The Graphic Novel, Book 2: Muad’Dib, the second of three volumes adapting Frank Herbert’s Dune, young Paul Atreides and his mother, Lady Jessica, find themselves stranded in the deep desert of Arrakis. Betrayed by one of their own and destroyed by their greatest enemy, Paul and Jessica must find the mysterious Fremen…or perish.


This faithful adaptation of the 1965 novel Dune by Brian Herbert, son of Frank Herbert, and the New York Times bestselling author Kevin J. Anderson, continues to explore Paul’s journey as he evolves from boy to mysterious messiah. Illustrated by Raúl Allén and Patricia Martín, this spectacular blend of adventure and spirituality, environmentalism, and politics is a groundbreaking look into our universe and transformed by the graphic novel format into a powerful, fantastical tale for a new generation of readers.


“This is a fantastic way to read the Dune epic and to become immersed in the greater details of the novel. The clear and precise artwork makes the narrative easy to follow and imbues the story with a cutting edge of the best stylish qualities that graphic novels have to offer.” –Alex Ross

Cover illustration by Eisner Award-winning artist Bill Sienkiewicz





Brian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson, Frank Herbert

Σχεδιαστής / Εικονογράφος

Patricia Martín, Raúl Allén


Harry N. Abrams








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