Norse Ancient Origins: Stories of People & Civilization

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This book explores the ancient origins of Viking society and culture, by reviving classic historical works, with the addition of an insightful introduction.

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A beautiful companion volume to Norse Myths and Legends, exploring the ancient origins of Viking society and culture.


The Norse legends of Odin, Thor, Loki and all the gods of Asgard are well known, but less so are the historical origins of civilization in the very early days of Norway and wider Scandinavia which evolved this dramatic mythology.

Archaeology furnishes us with fascinating evidence of the progress of the peoples and their way of life, until later the skaldic poets began to write down and celebrate the life and exploits of their rulers, establishing divine authority through legend and myth. The various tribes of the more southerly regions – from the Geats (Gautar or Goths) of Götaland and the Swedes (Suiones) to the Cimbri of Jutland – migrated and expanded north to evolve from tribal systems into fully fledged kingdoms.

This fascinating book revives some classic historical works, with an insightful introduction explaining context and modern knowledge.

Trace the ancient origins of the Norsemen and historical Norway, from the Stone Age, through the Bronze Age, Iron Age and Roman Iron Age to the famous Viking Age and its impact across Europe; discover the migrations, culture, kings, literature and sagas which combine to create modern identity, tracing ancestry back to the gods.

This new book is the perfect companion to Norse Myths & Legends in the same series of beautiful Collector’s Editions, and sits alongside the other great cultures of the early world.





Beth Rogers, J. K. Jackson


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