Russian Tales: Traditional Stories of Quests and Enchantments

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This collection of traditional stories will sweep you away to the birch forests and ornate palaces of Russia,blending whimsical magic and magnificent drama.

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Rediscover the magic of Russian folktales in a breathtaking illustrated edition.


This collection of traditional stories will sweep you away to the birch forests and ornate palaces of Russia. You’ll meet a mysterious girl born from the snow, a terrifying Baba Yaga, and a series of dauntless heroines and heroes willing to fight dragons and cross fiery rivers. Blending whimsical magic with magnificent drama, these tales come to life alongside intricate contemporary art in this special illustrated edition.

POPULAR SERIES: The Tales series gives new life to traditional stories. Celebrating the richness of folklore around the world, and featuring the work of beloved contemporary illustrators, these books are treasured by adults and teens alike.

ICONIC STORIES: Russian stories hold a special place in the hearts of fairy tales fans. Unforgettable characters like Baba Yaga and the Fire-Bird have captured imaginations for generations. In this collection, readers are sure to find old favorites and discover something new.

GORGEOUS SPECIAL EDITION: With a mesmerizing full-page illustration for each story, as well as creamy paper, a ribbon page marker, and a handsome hardcover design, this edition is perfect for gifting and display.

Perfect for:

– Fans of fairy tales and folklore
– Readers with Russian heritage or interested in Russian culture
– Illustration and art lovers
– Adults and teens
– Collectors of illustrated classics
– Fans of the illustrator Dinara Mirtalipova





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