Songs from the Stars

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Only the sorcerers of Space Systems.Inc., dare traffic in the Black Sciences of atomic, petroleum and physics, for they know of the destiny that awaits man.

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Centuries after the big smash, the successor civilization of Aquaria more or less flourishes on the west coast of what was once the United States, a society built on White Science, following the “law of muscle, sun, wind and water.”
Only the sorcerers of Space Systems, Inc., dare traffic in the “Black Sciences” of atomic, petroleum and physics which destroyed the old golden age of space, for they alone know of the higher destiny that awaits man in the abandoned Big Ear space station.

For centuries, they have secretly infiltrated Aquarius through the gray town of La Mirage while crafting a spaceship capable of reaching the Big Ear and turning man’s ears once more to the mysterious Songs from the Stars. Now, through the Aquarians Clear Blue Lou, perfect master of the Clear Blue Way, and Sunshine Sue, queen of the Word of Mouth communication network, they scheme to bring their ultimate scenario to fruition. Sex, love, emotion, karma, destiny, perhaps even The Way itself, all become elements in the scenario of Arnold Harker, Black Scientist, sorcerer, project manager of Operation Enterprise.

But when Clear Blue Lou, Sunshine Sue and Arnold Harker finally confront the interstellar brotherhood of sentient beings, they find, each in his way, that The Galactic Way utterly transcends their hopes, wildest dreams and darkest fears.

In this novel of science, mysticism and their ultimate synergistic fusion, Spinrad once again demonstrates his power to create a vivid future that encompasses our dreams of space.

“Dense and meaty, multi-layered…Spinrad leads the reader gently toward wider and more awesome vistas, expanding his mind as he goes”-Larry Niven

“This is perhaps Spinrad’s finest novel-deft, powerful, with ideas that ricochet through the story”-Greg Benford”Songs from the Stars is good old-fashioned science fiction set free from its old-fashioned puritan taboos”-Walter M. Miller, Jr.

“Remarkable…beautiful…. This is one of the most uplifting works I’ve read”-Philip Jose Farmer”

Norman Spinrad is in top form for this one. A fine book, brilliantly written. I enjoyed every page of it.”-Roger Zelazny





Norman Spinrad


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