Medieval Color Dice Tower



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No more cheaters! No more “Stands on edge, I roll again!”. No more “Where are the dice?”. Everybody needs a solid shelter, dice too.

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Color Medieval Dice Tower

Everybody needs a solid shelter, dice too. In fantasy worlds there is nothing better than a real medieval tower: durable and build with taste, easier to maintain than the whole castle. So the experts from Q WORKSHOP made this exceptional Color Medieval Dice Tower as one of our engineers‘ architectural masterpieces.

The goal is one and only: to prevents your precious dice from falling off the table ever again! Also the unique design creates a special atmosphere during your gaming sessions. This set allows you to build the colorfully painted tower on your own. All pieces are cut with laser precision, which in medieval world would be pure magic. Furthermore the sturdy materials (MDF), elegant ornaments and a bit of inspiration from the greatest builders of all time, make our Tower one of a kind. The important thing is, that you can build Tower without any tools. Use some glue if you want to harden the construction against storms and endless battles. This is non-reversible, so choose wisely.

We are proud of our Dice Tower. It is not only gaming tool for more immersive roleplaying game sessions, but also a great support for all big boardgames and wargaming. Today, boardgames require more and more space on tables and players need clarity on board too. With all these tokens, cards, miniatures, sideboards etc, the dice are really often missing in action.

The Color Medieval Dice Tower can help maintain order and allows to clearly see the results. No more cheaters! No more “Stands on edge, I roll again!”. No more “Where are the dice?”.

And small advice: buy two, one for your games and one for your Sir Hamster. Don’t be stingy. Your rodent friends need their own fortress too.



Q Workshop


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