The Dunwich Horror (Illustrated)

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In Dunwich, lost in the depths of an inhospitable countryside, the old stories are still alive and strange subterranean noises resound under the hills.

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In Dunwich, a remote village in Massachusetts, lost in the depths of an inhospitable countryside with dark valleys invaded by brambles, the old stories of witches are still alive and strange subterranean noises resound at times under the hills surmounted by mysterious circles of stones.

On an isolated farm in the region, Lavinia Whateley, a simple-minded albino, gives birth to a child, Wilbur, whose father is unknown. Old Whateley, Lavinia’s father, raises Wilbur while arousing the suspicion of the neighboring inhabitants who are frightened by the speed of growth of the child and his repulsive facies. Rumors of witchcraft have always swirled about Old Whateley, and after his death, Wilbur, upon reaching adulthood, became determined to increase the unholy knowledge imparted to him.

To reach his goal, he goes to the Miskatonic University of Arkham to borrow the copy of the sinister Necronomicon in their possession. Professor Armitage, understanding the malevolent intentions of his visitor, refuses to accede to his request; thus a captivating illustrated version is born.


Always fascinated by the world of HP LovecraftFrançois Baranger, an illustrator recognized worldwide for his talents as a concept artist for cinema and video games, has tackled the “cyclopean” task of putting his main stories into images.





H. P. Lovecraft

Σχεδιαστής / Εικονογράφος

François Baranger


Design Studio Press








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