Forest Dice Set: Tundra

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This set presents a design of carved leaves and vines surrounding digits written in a delicate font. It resembles mysterious shapes hidden among the bushes.

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In every known RPG fantasy world, there’s always a forest. Sometimes it’s a regular woodland, full of lush green, birds, animals, and leaves rustling in the wind. Sometimes it’s a real jungle, thick and humid, where every unknown sound can be a lurking predator and makes you nervously jump on even the smallest sign of movement. Sometimes it’s full of dead trees, dark and cold, with branches reaching out for you like twisted skeletal hands. Forests can be turned to stone, magically sparkling, frozen to the brink of emptiness, burned to the last ember, covered in a sinister fog… No matter the type, forests are always full of adventures, creatures, and mysteries to unfold.

Tundra is not a forest per se, as the trees are present only on its borders with other plant formations, but the overall atmosphere of northern regions is one of a kind. The abundance of mosses and lichens creates an impression of life existing and expanding even during the worst winters. When the snow covers everything in the tundra, you can see glimpses of various colors amidst the pure whiteness – as if the leaves themselves were white and everything else green. Just like our Forest Dice Set – Tundra, the symbol of life conquering the cold.

In the history of Q Workshop’s creations, the Forest Dice Set has a very special place – it was the very first dice design made with new technology. The engravings on them are convex instead of concave, thus emphasizing the 3D feature. Up to this day, the Forest Dice Sets are among our most intricate creations, one we are proud and fond of. They will be a splendid addition to your collection and will serve you faithfully in each and every game you play!

Against all odds

The Forest Dice Set – Tundra presents a design of truly sophistically carved leaves and vines surrounding digits written in a delicate, swirling font. It resembles mysterious shapes hidden among the bushes.

Whether you’re venturing through freezing northern regions, strolling through woodland hills, or cutting your way through the thick jungle – this dice set will be there to lend you a true power of nature in the time of need!

  • The wonders of nature — beloved design of intricate leaves and branches surrounding the vine-like digits.
  • Floral abundance — This set contains 7 pieces: a D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, and D00 (%).
  • Life unbending — Dice have a lush green background, with white reliefs.



Πλήρες σετ (d4, d6, d8, d10, d20, d00)


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