Mountain of Shadows and Other Tales of Alhazred

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Follow the adventures of Abdul Alhazred, a young poet of Yemen who will come to write the most dangerous of all forbidden books, the Necronomicon.

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H. P. Lovecraft’s most mysterious character, Abdul Alhazred, author of the infamous grimoire known as the Necronomicon, returns in a new series of adventures in this thrilling blend of sword and sorcery with Lovecraftian horror!

It is the dawn of Islam. The civilized world, Christian and pagan alike, has bowed before the conquering blade of Mohammed. Onto to this heroic stage strides Abdul Alhazred, a young poet of Yemen who in his later years will come to write the most dangerous of all forbidden books, the Necronomicon.

Some men call him mad, while others say he is a fool. Born from the union of a mortal woman with a djinn of the Ninth Circle, he was horribly disfigured in his youth by the king of his native Yemen, then cast into the great desert known as the Empty Space to die. But he did not die. He learned how to survive against all foes, natural or supernatural. With daring and the use of his wits, he became a necromancer, and made his home in ancient Damascus, city of wickedness and sorceries.

Follow his adventures across the Arabian deserts and through the twisted streets and graveyards of the oldest city in the world, where mystery and horror lurk behind every shadow. Go with him as he and his two companions encounter gigantic djinn, corpse-devouring ghouls, powerful mages, and alien creatures of nightmare. Herein are rare delights and strange sorceries that will shock your very soul and change you forever.

This expanded edition, originally published under the title Tales of Alhazred, contains three additional completely new stories of wonder and terror.






Donald Tyson


Weird House Press


Trade Paperback






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