Song of Time

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A man lies half-drowned on a beach in the furthest days of this century. The old woman who discovers him,once a famous violinist, is close to death herself.

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A man lies half-drowned on a Cornish beach at dawn in the furthest days of this century. The old woman who discovers him, once a famous concert violinist, is close to death herself… or a new kind of life she can barely contemplate. Does death still exist at all, or has it finally been obliterated? And who is this strange man she’s found? Is he a figure returned from her past, a new messiah, or an empty vessel? Is he God, or the Devil?

Filled with love and music, death and life, mind-stretching ideas, and sheer, simple humanity, spanning the world from the suburbs of Birmingham to the streets of a new-Renaissance Paris via the ruins of post-apocalyptic India, Song of Time tells the story of this century through the eyes of a great musician as she unravels the mysteries of her past, and contemplates making the ultimate leap into life beyond the body.

Multi-award winning author Ian R. MacLeod here creates some of his most powerful scenes, and his most extraordinary and yet most believable characters.

If you care about the future, if you care about good story-telling, Song of Time is a must-read.





Ian R. MacLeod


Drugstore Indian Press


Trade Paperback






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