The Darkest House

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A descent into horror that integrates into your campaign regardless of the setting or game system, as a recurring element or a single mega-adventure.

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That house on the outskirts of town, sitting empty behind a crumbling wall. The one people whisper about. The one that has gone unlived in for years. Sometimes a few hearty souls creep in, it is said, to see what treasures or secrets they can find. Most find nothing—just an empty old house. Some return shaken. A few don’t return at all.

You’ve seen this house before. If not in this city, then in some other. You’ve heard the rumors—and if not, well, someday they’ll find you.

What happens to a house when it sits alone for so many long years? What jealousies and hatreds does it quietly nurture? What whispers echo through its empty hallways? What waits, crouched within its dark rooms, hungering for the return of life?

For you?

A descent into horror for the game you’re playing right now.

The Darkest House chills and frightens players like no other RPG experience. But along the way their characters will face unique challenges that make them deeper, richer, and more powerfully bonded as a party. It integrates into your campaign regardless of the setting or game system, as a recurring element or a single mega-adventure, developing and enriching characters and your party as they play it.


  • Easily integrated into a 5e campaign or any RPG.
  • Run it as a mega-adventure, or make smaller excursions into the mysterious House a recurring element.
  • Includes hundreds of downloadable maps and illos to show players.
  • Challenges players in unique ways. PCs become more deeply developed, and party bonds grow stronger, through these experiences.
  • No need to start a new campaign or game system—it’s specifially made to integrate into an ongoing campaign.
  • Truly frightening—perfect for Halloween (but great any time)!





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